Year 13 Trip: Applied Science – Distillation!

Our Year 13s Visit Plymouth Gin Distillery

What better to do on a wet and wintry Friday morning on Plymouth Barbican than to go for a tour of the Plymouth Gin Distillery. Our Year 13 Applied Scientists have recently been studying distillation, and this was the perfect location to apply our scientific knowledge.

We were met by our guide Naomi, who started our tour talking to us about the rich history of gin, the Black Friar’s Distillery and how Plymouth Gin was originally developed.

We then entered the distillation room and were shown the processes used to produce Plymouth gin using the centuries old copper stills. The Master Distiller and keeper of the 200 year old recipe was having a well deserved day off, however we were lucky enough to see the process in action.

We then visited the modern distillation room and had the opportunity to smell and experience the botanicals used in the production process. Our guide then selected some items to include in our very own gin, and demonstrated the modern distillation apparatus – reinforcing what we had been learning in the classroom.

Our visit ended with a quick sneak-peek in the Connoisseurs Tasting Bar, where we saw over 500 types of gin, from Japanese gin that you have to be invited to open, to Sainsbury’s Basics gin! We then walked through the gin refectory for a touch of history.

An excellent visit. We are so lucky to be able to experience science in action, so close to home.


S McCarthy

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