Year 12 Induction Day

Year 11 students sat their final GCSE exams two weeks ago. Last week they gathered for a final time at prom, and today saw many students start their next post 16 journey with their induction day here at Coombe Dean’s Post 16 Centre.

The day started with finding out some general information on post 16 life. Students then split up into their selected A-Level classes, led by their future subject Teachers.  Vocational students met past and current students, and along with training providers, were given their first task to complete over the summer period.  Students also met with JP (Head Boy), Ruby (Charity) and other current Year 12 students, who spoke to them about what they had wished they had known a year ago in order to succeed.

Students were later able to show off their independent learning strategies by completing a Vision activity. This activity required them to reflect on their goals and own characters.

After gaining all the necessary information, everyone gathered together to celebrate with a big BBQ. After this the Year 11’s went home to start their summer tasks, while the Year 12’s enjoyed an afternoon of team activities, led by Mr Wilson and Mrs Lidington. Four teams were tasked with beating the wonderful team led by me – and we of course let them win at least once at activity.

We look forward to seeing everyone again on Results Day on the 22nd August, and very much look forward to welcoming everyone back on the 4th September.


V Koehler-Lewis

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