Year 12 Engineering Education Scheme

Six Year 12 students have been part of the Engineering Education Scheme this year, supported by 2 Engineers from Babcock Marine. They attended a launch at HMS Raleigh, where they were given a tour of the site, had a demonstration in naval fire fighting and were put through their paces in physical team building exercises. Students also met their mentors from Babcock and were introduced to their project challenge; to design a device to clean ship hulls. This project is of interest to Babcock and the Navy, as marine fouling costs a huge amount of money in extra fuel and maintenance.

In December, the team went to Plymouth University and were introduced to the many different Engineering departments. They were given advice and support on design, and in building a model. Students used the ‘Solid Works’ computer aided design package and 3D printing facilities. They are currently researching electrical components and brush technology to support their design model.

This is not an easy undertaking. Students meet each week, and are compiling a report of their research – which they will present alongside their model to a team of Engineers at a final assessment in March.

The team:
Josh G
Barnaby H
Elliot J
Daniel M
Bev N


M Wilson

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