University of Plymouth: Climate Change Lectures

The year 12 and 13 Geography classes visited The University of Plymouth today to attend a series of lectures from a range of leading scientists around the theme of Climate Change. These were focused in the morning session around the natural processes and systems that provide evidence for the changes to the climate, glaciers, oceans and carbon cycles, including a detailed look at evidence that can be found in the Earth’s geological past.

The afternoon followed with a session looking at the ecological footprint of the aviation industry and ended with a very engaging session with Professor Iain Stewart about the climate crisis and the difficulties of communicating the scientific debate with the public.

Despite some very complicated themes at times, the students listened well and engaged with the sessions.  This was invaluable revision for Year 13 and a good starting point for the Year 12s as they move through into their next set of topics. 

V Twine