Post 16 Applications

Post 16 is about building on the foundations laid at GCSE to explore new and familiar subjects in greater depth and look towards higher education and training and, eventually, a career that suits you. Whether you have a clear plan right now or are still exploring what’s out there, we will help you to take that next step towards your future and will support you to find the programme of study that inspires and challenges you for the next two years.

A great +16 experience is more than the subjects you study. At Coombe Dean we provide a place to become the adult you aspire to be. We expect a lot from you in terms of commitment and hard work and in return we will support you in every way we can, every step of the way. Your Coombe Dean +16 should be a place where you can explore interests and discover new talents, meet new friends and discover new abilities, and lay the foundations for the exciting futures you want. We know that choosing where to go after GCSEs is a really important decision, and that it’s important to find the right path for you.

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NEW: Applications are now closed.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Post 16 Administrator if you have any questions:

E Osborn
Head of Post 16