“We know what we are but not what we may be.”  – Ophelia in Hamlet

Course Specification

Psychology is the scientific study of the brain and behaviour. It is an applied, academic subject which addresses challenging questions about human behaviour including, attachment, how we behave in social groups, aggression and mental illness; such as schizophrenia, obsessional-compulsive disorder, depression and phobias. We look into possible reasons for such behaviour and consider whether they are due to biology factors (the brain, hormones and/or genes) or whether we learn how to behave from our environment.
You will be encouraged to develop critical thinking skills when considering contemporary psychological research, and will gain confidence in your use of research methods and statistical analysis.


There will be three exams at the end of year 2.


Psychology allows you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others.
It provides chances for you to develop use of English, mathematical, scientific and ICT skills.
Psychology is useful in many careers, including business, nursing, teaching, human resources and becoming a Psychologist.


No prior knowledge of psychology is required, however, due to the academic nature of the subject students need to have a solid GCSE grade in Science, Maths and English.

Lead Teacher
Mrs Dulson
Supported by
Mrs Isaac

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