“I chose to pursue a career in physics because there the truth isn’t so easily bent.” – Angela Merkel

Course Specification

Physics is a fascinating subject that can be studied at A level. Whether you are keen to explore the origin and evolution of the universe; gain an insight into quantum mechanics and special relativity; or if you wish to understand and use the science behind cutting edge technology and engineering, physics is for you. Amongst other things, the study of the physics specification involves carrying out experiments and investigative activities, including appropriate risk management in a range of contexts. Students will be given the opportunity to analyse & interpret data to provide evidence, recognise correlations and causal relationships. Students will develop scientific knowledge and understanding of how it has developed over time.


Assessment is based on the following areas: the use of SI units and their prefixes, Newton’s laws of motion, the estimation of physical quantities, the limitations of physical measurements, quantum and nuclear physics, matter, waves, electric circuits, mechanical properties of matter, mechanics and vectors and scalars. All aspects will be assessed through examinations.


Students with a keen interest in Physics who have achieved strong outcomes in their GCSE Science and Mathematics would be well suited to the course.


Physics A Level is a very useful qualification and can lead to a very wide range of careers. This includes Applied Physics, Astrophysics, Geophysics, Material technology, Medical Physics, Forensic science, Meteorology and Engineering.
Physics A Level is also complementary to intended careers in Medicine, Mathematics, Computing, Finance, Law, Accountancy.


Head of Department
Mr McDermott
Supported by
Mr Larkham

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