Meet the Team

Post 16 is about building on the foundations laid at GCSE to explore new and familiar subjects in greater depth and detail and look towards higher education and training and, eventually, a career that suits you. Whether you have a clear plan right now or are still exploring what’s out there, we will help you to take that next step towards your future and will support you to find a programme of study that inspires and challenges you for the next two years.

With 168 students on roll, we are an inclusive sixth form offering a range of academic routes and a selection of applied learning options to help students on their journey to the future they want to build. CDS Post 16 works in partnership with Plymstock School and Hele’s School to enable students to access a wide selection of academic and applied courses.

You will be treated as a young adult and given access to additional privileges and freedom that make you distinct from the rest of the school – like the Post 16 common room and study pods, wearing your own clothes and independent study time – with the benefit of working within a school environment where expert staff who know you well and study resources are available to support you every day. 

There’s so much available for you to explore so take the time to look at the courses available and feel free to contact us via the school office if you have any questions or if you just want to talk through your options.


Emma Osborn
Leader of Post-16

The Post 16 centre has a dedicated team of staff who support students every day

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We also have a Student Senate who work closely with the staff team and the student body to organise events and opportunities to contribute to our wider community and continue to improve our centre.

Tia C – Head of Senate
Ethan A – Head Student
Becca A – Secretary
Shristi S – Communications Officer