“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic” – Arthur C. Clarke (Author)

Course Specification

We offer the BTEC National in Information Technology, which is a vocational qualification from Pearson Edexcel. The content for this qualification has been developed in consultation with academics to ensure that it incorporates the most up-to-date knowledge and skills to enable progression to higher education. In addition, employers and professional bodies have been consulted on the content development to confirm its relevance to current industry practice used in IT and related occupational disciplines.
In Year 12, students will focus on Unit 2 ‘Creating Systems to Manage’ & Unit 3 ‘Using Social Media in Business’. In Year 13, students will focus on Unit 1 ‘Information Technology Systems’ and Unit 6 ‘Website Development’.


This is a vocational course with a mixture of practical and theory.
The qualification has one examination and one controlled assessment. The other two units are internally marked coursework.
Units 1 & 2 are external pieces of work. Unit 1 will be a paper based examination, whereas unit 2 will be a supervised controlled timed assessment.
Units 3 & 6 are internal assignments based around course content.


In today’s workplace, those with knowledge and skills in computing and ICT have the opportunity to pursue new and exciting careers and to be instrumental in the conception of ICT that increasingly shapes work and leisure activities.
This course is perfect for students thinking of going on to Higher Education but also for those who are looking to enter the world of work.


This course is designed for students interested in an introduction to the study of creating IT systems to manage and share information, alongside other fields of study.


Head of Department
Mrs Hodges
Supported by
Mr Gorvin

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