Further Mathematics

“Further Maths is challenging but rewarding, and allows you to study deeper into a variety of topics within Maths” – Verity H

Course Specification

Further Mathematics builds on the concepts taught in A level Mathematics helping to increase students’ depth of understanding of the topics covered. As well as digging a little deeper into some familiar topics, students will also be introduced to new ideas, such as imaginary and complex numbers, matrices and infinite series.
In Year 12 some of the compulsory content for pure maths includes topics such as imaginary and complex numbers, roots of polynomials, curve sketching and inequalities, infinite series, conics and calculus. There is some flexibility in the applied topics studied, with the option to extend the work done on statistics or mechanics, or to study topics from discrete mathematics.


The Russell Group of leading UK Universities describes Further Mathematics as a ‘facilitating subject’. It lists the subject as one that ‘can give me the most options’.
The subject is useful for further studies or careers in Biochemistry, Physics, Aeronautical Engineering Actuarial Science, Chemical or Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and any form of medicine.


To achieve an A-level in mathematics you must sit three 2 hour exams at the end of Year 13.
All exams are equally weighted and require the use of a calculator.


Students who really enjoy mathematics and problem solving should consider taking Further Maths alongside A Level Maths.


Head of Department
Ms Duffield
Supported by
Mr Crocker, Mr Brewer & Mrs Wainwright

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