Former Student Profiles


Plymouth University – Law Degree.

“Coombe Dean definitely prepared me for university, with the expectation and the workload. Teachers gave me the support I needed and pushed and motivated me to achieve. The course is very interesting and different. I like that there is always something new.” Ryan S


University of Southampton – Mathematics

“Coombe Dean helped me prepare for university and life by helping me academically, to get my grades to get there; with extra support from all the teachers. They are just so helpful, they are happy to stay and help after school. But then also they teach you how to live, by giving you so many choices for extra curricular. I had an amazing experience doing Duke of Edinburgh, up to Gold; it was absolutely amazing.” Ania S


Exeter University – Archaeology

“The staff at Coombe Dean is what makes the school stand out from others. The tutors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal, whatever they may be. Without their support both academically and personally I don’t believe I would be at university now. Teachers provide you with as many opportunities as possible and without those chances I would not have visited Auschwitz. Post 16 is an emotional rollercoaster, but when you have a dedicated team around you who will help you no matter what, it makes what seems a dream achievable.” – Iona P


IT Technician, Apprenticeship

“It has a lovely vibe, the relationship between staff and students are great. I now work for the school so there is definitely something excellent about the place, I didn’t want to leave. The school gave me lots of opportunities while I was attending, they really went above and beyond, now I want to give the same back.” Sam P