Extra Curricular

Student Post 16 Leaders – The Senate

An important part of Post 16 is our student leadership team. This group of students plays an active role in the running, organisation and continuing improvement of our Post 16 provision. Students submit an application and undertake an interview process to secure their position. Their roles are an important link between staff and students as well as between Post 16 and the rest of the school. This year the student senate has organised a range of events and developments including charity events, running assemblies, reducing our negative environmental impact and building relationships with our local community through events such as the elderly residents Christmas lunch. The senate team meet regularly with the student leadership teams of the other two schools in the consortium to work together to improve their schools and local community.

Wider participation

We believe that it is important that students develop as young adults, able to contribute to the community in which they live and work. An integral part of CDS Post-16 is the expectation that students give back to the community that has supported them, through a range of volunteering  and wider participation opportunities such as supporting students in lessons, peer mentoring, reading with primary students or running clubs.


Our students are expected to volunteer at least an hour of their time each week; this can be in a variety of different ways across the school or within the community. We have links to various local organisations, including a nearby primary school, which give students the opportunity to contribute positively to the community. Within school students can take up opportunities to support lower school classes within a chosen subject, work with a tutor group or get involved with our various mentoring schemes and provide academic mentoring or emotional support to other student both in lower school and Post 16.

For the last two years we have run a TEFL qualification, allowing students to assist with the teaching of English as an additional language, benefitting our students with a year working abroad.

Work Experience

There is a national expectation that all students in Post 16 provision engage with a meaningful programme of work-related learning opportunities.  At Coombe Dean School we are privileged to have the support of our own staff and those across the local business communities to allow our students to experience the world of work and learn about the range of possibilities the future has to offer.

In Year 12, students are expected to complete a five day Work Experience placement. For most students this will take place in the summer term, alongside our year 10 cohort, however, should you find a fantastic opportunity that is available at another time, we are happy to support this if we can.

Students contact employers to arrange this experience themselves, using our guidance and large library of established placement opportunities. This is a valuable part of building the skills and confidence to reach out to future opportunities once you leave school.