Extra Curricular

Student Post-16 Senior Leaders

An important aspect of Post-16 is our leadership team. We have several students actively involved in the running and organisation of Post-16. Each student has submitted an application and undertaken an interview to secure their position. Their roles and responsibilities stretch beyond Post-16 and are an important link between us and the other Key Stages (lower school).


Our students are expected to volunteer at least an hour of their time: this can be in a variety of different ways; students can work within their own community and sign up using Do-it.org. as part of a national campaign. We also have a link with a local primary school; students can support with their reading programme as well as our accelerated reader scheme.
For the last two years we have introduced the TEFL qualification: Students can now assist with the teaching of English as an additional language, benefiting our students with a year working abroad.

Charity & Events

We recognise that social events are also important to our Post-16 students; our charity and events co-ordinator facilitates opportunities to raise awareness and finance for several causes.

Work Experience Extra Curricular

As part of the Post 16 programme of study, students have to seek work experience. This experience has to specifically relate to their desired area of employment that they wish to pursue later in life.

Extra Curricular

This work experience could fit alongside academic study and take place weekly (in some cases, even replacing an A level subject), or takeWe offer a range of opportunities throughout the school year, through Applied Learning Days and subject specific excursions.

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