Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Presentations

On Tuesday evening Post-16 hosted a Presentation Evening for our Year 12 and 13 students in regards to their Extended Project Qualification. This qualification is largely student-led and encourages students to carry out long-term research projects on a topic of their choosing that links to a particular passion of theirs or future career route.

Whilst the presentation is a compulsory part of the course, we at Coombe Dean have chosen to make this an event to celebrate the hard work and commitment of our students and we were delighted to see family and staff turn out in support.

Together we were able to learn about a huge range of topics – from music and the way that it effects society, to technology and our preparedness as human beings for their advances, to the possibilities of life beyond earth -and many, many more.

It was a fascinating evening, and I am extremely proud of our young adults and the passions that they have pursued.


F Wedd