English Literature

“English brings great text to life, learning and building on analytical techniques, providing a greater understanding of literature and wider context.” – Lee R

Course Specification

The English Literature specification is designed to support students to read widely and independently, both set and self selected texts. Students are encouraged to critically and creatively engage with these texts, developing responses to them and learning how to effectively apply their knowledge of literary analysis and evaluation.

Set texts will include at least three texts published before 1900, including at least one play by Shakespeare, and at least one work first published or performed after 2000.Assessment
Assessment for AS is an exam at the end of the course; it is based on the course content throughout the year.
For the full course, you will need to take two exams based on the texts studied over the last two years. This will include the poetry anthology and prose studied; it will also include an independent study that will form your coursework.


English Literature opens up a wide variety of careers due to the wide range of skills that students demonstrate.
English particularly opens itself up to careers which involve dealing with people in finance, law, politics, teaching and journalism.


Students should attained a higher grade in English Language or English Literature.

Head of Department
Mr Thomas
Supported by
Mr Sinclair, Miss Proctor,
Mr Lintell

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