Engineering Education Scheme

A team of six Coombe Dean Year 12 students entered the Engineering Education Scheme back in September. They were introduced to Mentor Engineers from Babcock, who set their challenge – which was to design a marine vessel hull cleaning device.

The team spent a team building day at HMS Raleigh, where they saw demonstrations on team firefighting routines on naval ships. They also participated in a physical training session run by the PTI team, and carried out numerous physical and communication based team challenges.

The team spent the following three months researching, planning and building a model of their proposed hull cleaning device. They had to prepare a report, including details of their research references, and their planning and design choices. The team met with their Mentor Engineers once a week to get advice, and move their ideas forward.  

In December, they attended a two day workshop at the University of Plymouth Engineering department, where they were given access to the numerous different workshops, and expert advice from the Engineering team. They used computer aided design (CAD), and also Solid Works software. They also used 3D printing equipment to create the body of their device. At this point, they chose to name their device ‘SCRUBS’ (Submersible Crustacean Removal Unit for Boats and Ships).

In March, our students presented their design, model and report to a panel of Engineering Judges. They were successful in meeting the required standard for EES Industrial Cadets, and were highly commended for the quality of their presentation and team work on the day. Special mention was made of the animation created by Josh G, which demonstrated the deployment and operation of SCRUBS. The team also qualified for the Crest Gold Award, a framework for assessing high quality work in Science Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Thanks are due to Holly and Sophie, the two Engineers from Babcock, for their expert advice and direct, no nonsense approach when the group did not meet deadlines! Thanks also to Karen Seldon from EES for her support with administration, and to Plymouth University for their open support of our young Engineers.

A huge well done to our Year 12 Engineers; Elliot J, Dan M (Team Leader), Josh G, Matt C, Barnaby H and Bev N.


M Wilson