Current Student Profiles


Joshua G

Studying: Maths, Further Maths, Physics & Chemistry
Ambition – Nuclear Scientist
“Freedom! All aspects of Post 16, Maths is particularly awesome, the teachers are amazing; Mr Crocker is a human computer, he is quietly impressive. I think staying on at a place you know is important as the teachers know you. Also it doesn’t lock you into one career, your options are still open.”


Lauren M

Studying: History, Biology & Psychology
Ambition – Forensic Psychologist
“I like that there is a certain amount of freedom, and the teachers are good when giving you support. You are able to study your interests and engage with your course on different level than GCSE. There is no ‘you have to do this…’ its all about you.”


Sasha T

Studying: Art and Design at SWAW
Ambition – Work in design as a magazine creator
“I am studying several artists, focusing on their techniques and how they use various resources to produce my own work. I like that Post 16 is very open and supportive, the tutors are readily available to help.”


Ed V

Studying: Engineering at Norpro & EPQ
Ambition – Marine Engineer
“It’s a nice place, great support and a lot of understanding when you need it. The course gives me plenty of time to work through everything and there is always a room for you to go to. My tutor is amazing, she makes good tea when I need to chat.”