Children in Need Week – 2019!

To kick start our week of fundraising for Children in Need, we began with a bake-sale. Teachers and students alike contributed some rather tasty cakes and Pudsey-lookalike cookies, which helped us raise just under £120!

For the next few days we hosted penalty shoot-outs during break and lunch time. The aim was so that the lower school could shoot some footballs at our Post 16 students, and even a few Teachers! Lots of goals were scored, much to our goalkeeper’s embarrassment, and the Post 16 Senate also took this opportunity to burn off all the additional calories gained from the bake-sale!

We ended our week with a Lip-Sync battle between our Teachers and students. The teams included Post 16’s very own Miss Collings, who along with other Teachers, ‘sang’ a smashing version of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Even Freddie Mercury would’ve been impressed by their use of props to recreate the operatic section of the music video!

The students returned as strong competition with their winning performance of the ‘Whip/Nae Nae’ song. It was a great effort by both teams, raising just under £80 for the cause!

It was a busy, but fun-filled week, and we would just like to thank everyone for their donations and for taking part in all the activities we organised. We are delighted to announce we raised £244 in total for Children In Need, which couldn’t be done without YOUR help!

The Post 16 Senate