“Biology is a very rewarding subject, with close ties to other A Level fields, especially Geography.” – Tom B

Course Specification

The Biology specification covers a balance between plant biology, animal/human biology, microbiology and environmental biology, including an appreciation of the relevance of sustainability to all aspects of scientific developments. The course is based on the following principles: the interaction of living organisms with each other and the non-living world. The living world can be studied at population, organism, cell and molecular levels.
Biology is a challenging, highly stimulating course, which explores cutting-edge scientific principles and their relevance to what is happening in the world.


Students study four core areas: Biological Molecules, Cells, Microbiology and Pathogens; Genetics and Reproduction of Living Things; Exchange, Transport and Control Systems; Classification, Biodiversity and Ecosystems.
Although all assessments will be by examination, core practical skills will remain an important element in the learning process.


Biology is the gateway to multiple careers. The choice of future courses is tremendous and includes nursing, teaching, medicine, zoology, oceanography, forensic, environmental or science.
In addition, the skills developed within biology are applicable in many different types of jobs ranging from accountancy to journalism. You will also develop transferable Maths, English and ICT skills.


Head of Department
Mr McDermott
Lead Teacher
Dr Dawdry
Supported by
Mrs Rodgers & Mr Dunstan


Students with a keen interest in Biology who have achieved strong outcomes in their GCSE Science would be well suited to the course.

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