Applied Science

“Science is simple common sense at its best.” – Thomas Huxley

Course Specification – Extended Certificate

This course is designed for learners who are interested in furthering their understanding of the science sector alongside other fields of study. You will enjoy the course if you like the challenge of independent research, supported by directed classroom activities such as practicals, discussions and group work.
Units within the qualification cover areas of laboratory science, forensic science, medical science, environmental science and biological, chemical and physical science.


Assessment is through a portfolio of work, controlled assessment and an examination. The contents of the portfolio will vary with each unit, but may include written reports, presentations, work sheets, practical write-ups, graphs and posters, projects, performance observation and research.
High importance is placed on individual work and correct referencing procedures, to build a skill base for further study.


The course is designed to give opportunities for practical work and industry visits to make the science more relevant.
Many students who undertake the extended certificate consider a career in the research science field or as a technician. This course enables students to progress onto a wide range of higher education courses, not necessarily in applied science.
This is also the course to consider if you are looking at a role within the NHS.


This course is suitable for students with a sound GCSE, who want a more applied alternative to A level sciences, or it could form part of a study programme that compliments other subjects.


Head of Department
Mr McDermott
Lead teacher
Mrs McCarthy
Supported by
Mr Lavis, Mr Longhurst, Mr Dunstan

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