Applications are NOW LIVE for Coombe Dean Post 16!

Applying to Coombe Dean Post 16

The Form:

Guide to Applying:

Assistance with Your Application:

This following information should help to guide you through the process and give you a bit more information to help you make your decisions.

Section 1: Personal details

Please input your full name, date of birth and home address in the boxes provided.

Coombe Dean Students can find their most recent attendance on your Learning Overview which was sent this week (Jan 7th).

We will contact all applicants for a phone interview by March/April. In order for us to contact you to discuss your application we also need your home contact number and the student’s own mobile number.

Section 2: Future Plans

Please give us as much information as you can about what you want to do next. It isn’t binding, but it will help us to understand your priorities and inform our conversation with you in your phone interview. You can say as much as you like here – the box will stretch.

  • Ambition: tell us what and where you imagine your future career to be, for example “I want to be a rocket scientist and work in a lab” or “I know I want to work with animals, perhaps as a vet. I’d love to try working abroad.”
  • University/Apprenticeships: tell us if you are thinking of going to university. If you know what you want to study or where you might want to go, tell us about it, for example “I want to study politics at university. I’m interested in Oxford or Birmingham.” Or “I’d like to do an apprenticeship with a ship building company when I’m 18.”
  • Interests/hobbies: Tell us what makes you tick. What do you do when you aren’t at school? For example “I enjoy knitting and I’ve been teaching my little sister during lockdown. I also play table tennis.”

Section 3: Education History

For your core subjects, please fill in your projected grade in the box underneath the subject name. If you are Coombe Dean Student, you can get these from your Learning Overview.

For Science, if you take combined science you need to put your projected grade from your Learning Overview in the box under Combined Science. This should be two numbers. They may be different (67) or the same (77) – please enter the highest of the two; if you take separate science, you need to give us your projected grade for each one in the box provided. This should be one number per science.

For options subjects, please write the subject name in the box indicated and your projected grade underneath. Some schools offer a fourth option. If this does not apply to you, leave the last box blank. For most Coombe Dean students this box should be blank.


Section 3: Education History
Subjects:MathsEnglish LiteratureEnglish Language
Predicted Grades:565
Subjects:Combined ScienceBiologyChemistryPhysics
Predicted Grades:67
Options Subjects:1 French2 Art3 History(4)
Predicted Grades:786

Section 4: Options Choices

What should I be choosing?

Students at Coombe Dean Post 16 (Year 12 and 13) choose from a range of courses. All students will follow a full time programme of study comprising 540+ hours per year. This is made up of three full time A-level or BTEC courses, comprising 540 study hours per year, 15 hours per week.

Some students may take on an additional course which could be another full time A level or BTEC, or a part-time course such as Level 3 Mathematics (324 hours per year) or the EPQ (324 hours per year comprising one taught session and two dedicated independent study sessions arranged by learner agreement with the P16 team).

Students without a level 4 in Maths GCSE and English Language GCSE or English Literature GCSE will have an additional 2-4 hours per week towards achieving level 4 at GCSE English and/or Maths. This usually comprises 1 taught session plus 1-2 additional remote learning session(s).

Some subjects require you to have already achieved a particular grade in specific GCSE subjects in order for you to be ready to embark on the course. You can check the grade requirements for all subjects on the website If you have any questions about particular course, contact us and we’ll direct them to the appropriate subject area if we can’t answer them ourselves.

Prioritising your choices

On the form, you need to fill in at least three subjects you think you’d like to study in order of preference/importance. You can put in up to five. Think carefully about this as we will use your preferences to design our timetable for next year so be honest about what you want.

You also need to give us at least one reserve choice. This is in case we can’t make the timetable work with the courses you’ve chosen and enables us to offer you an alternative that might still work for you.

Extended Project Qualification

Some students choose to take on the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) alongside their A-Level and BTEC choices. An EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) is an additional qualification that can be taken alongside A Levels or BTEC subjects and counts as 50% of an A Level in terms of UCAS points. An EPQ is an excellent taster of university-style learning as it is effectively an independent research project which can, but does not have to, relate to one of your A Level or BTEC subjects. Assessment can be either by a written report of 5,000 words (that is around 10 typed pages) or by creating a “product”, this could be hosting an event or making a physical item, or “artefact”, such as a piece of art accompanied by a 1,000 word report. The whole process from start to finish takes about 120 hours. If you think this is something you’d like to attempt, please let us know by writing “yes” in the box at the bottom of the form. We’ll give you more information at the start of term.


First choiceSecond choiceThird choiceFourth choice (optional)Reserve choice 1Reserve choice 2
Are you interested in taking on the Extended Project Qualification alongside your other courses (see notes)?No



Please note that we cannot guarantee we will be able to deliver all the courses offered on the form at Coombe Dean or that we will be able to offer you the combinations you want. We will work with our partner sixth forms at Plymstock and Hele’s schools to meet the needs of students at all three centres as best we can.

Please send your completed application form to

The deadline for applications is 22nd January 2021


What happens next?

After Jan 22nd we will look at all the applications and build the timetable for Year 12 next year. This will take us a few weeks so don’t panic if you don’t hear from us.

Once this is built, we will contact you individually for a telephone or Teams interview to discuss your application and what we can offer you.

We will send you an offer letter confirming your place and the conditions you need to meet to accept it.

You will then have time to make your final decision about where you will study in 2021-2023!

We know that being on the right course for you is the first step to a successful post-16 experience. Level 3 courses are challenging and you will be expected to work hard to get the most out of your time with us, so it’s important to get this right. In the summer term, you will be sent a link to the pre-course study tasks for your chosen subjects. These must be completed as part of your induction to the course and helps us to see if the course is right for you and how committed you are to success. During the first two weeks of term in September we will monitor your progress closely and discuss with you if it seems that the courses you’ve chosen are not working well for you. Equally you will have time in the first few weeks to drop or change a course if the timetable allows.

Any questions?

We are here – please contact us with any questions and we will do our best to help: