An Important Question…

As 25 Coombe Dean post 16 learners descended on Cardiff last Friday, thoughts were turned to which university to choose – should they prove academic enough (and fortunate enough) to be offered places. Many Russell Group university options are available to us in the South West, with Cardiff being a major consideration.

We were greeted by our friendly hosts, Alistair and Ruth, who both welcomed us into their world. With discussions on world-class learning facilities, impressive and historic residences, and the many social benefits that Cardiff city has to offer, the visit was enhanced further by a tailored tour around the campus by select students already studying at the university.

The decision of which university to attend it assuredly a tough one, but we believe Cardiff University made this choice a little easier for some studentsĀ on the day. Should our students have any questions regarding universities, do contact the Post 16 team who will be only too happy to guide and reassure.

A big thank you to Mrs Koehler-Lewis for arranging the visit, and to our Cardiff hosts for their time, and for such a warm welcome.


S Collings

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