About Us

Typically, Post 16 students have 15 hours of lesson time per week, leaving 10 hours per week for self-directed study and enrichment activities. The Post 16 Centre has been designed around this, incorporating classrooms used solely for Post 16 subject teaching, communal space for students to study and socialise during breaks and study spaces for individual and group study.  Students have access to desk top computers and portable devices, or they can use their own in any of the study spaces, making use of wireless internet provision. They have a base that meets their needs for studying and sharing the learning and growing experience, as well as access to support from the Post 16 team and careers facilities.

Supporting your journey

Academic Tutoring

Each student is part of a tutor group who meet with their tutor at least once per week. Your tutor will provide some taught sessions around aspects of citizenship, physical and mental wellbeing and personal growth and will support you to manage your time and workload as well as being by your side to guide you through decisions about higher education and employment. At least once per week you will take part in a year group assembly where you will consider a range of stimuli, experience visiting speakers and have a chance to reflect on your journey with the rest of your year.


During the Spring and Summer Term the Post 16 team, alongside the careers lessons and careers advice service, work with year 11 students to support them in finding the best options for their next step.

Preparing for Higher Education

We have fantastic contacts with a range of higher education providers and employment schemes. Each year you will have a range of opportunities to learn about your options for next steps and get guidance from specialists about how to take them both in school and by visiting providers and employment fairs.

Year 12

Whilst the key focus for year 12 students is on academic progression and embedding study skills and habits that enable them to become effective and confident independent learners, other applied learning events and opportunities take place throughout the year to support their personal development and progression. These include Learn2Live road safety, visits to Universities such as Cardiff, Exeter and Oxford, visits to careers fairs and employability events and visits in school from careers and higher education advisors such as our annual careers fair and visiting workshops with Talk the Talk and Future First. We also have access to support from CSW and NSSW to help students begin to visualise life after school, whether that’s university, apprenticeship or other training or employment.

Year 13

Individual guidance and support for progression is key during this year. The University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) scheme runs alongside apprenticeship and employability advice. Students are fully supported to make a successful application to the universities or colleges of their choice with support writing applications and personal statements from our Post 16 team and one to one sessions with advisors from Universities of Cardiff, Salford, South Wales, Bristol, Plymouth, Marjons, Exeter and Falmouth as well as access to one to one support for Oxbridge applicants. We also run a number of visits to universities and apprenticeship fairs to help you to experience what is out there.

Partnership with Parents

Although we expect our Post 16 students to strive for confidence and independence, we appreciate the vital role that those at home play in supporting their development and success. We endeavour to keep parents and carers regularly updated about students’ academic progress and we welcome a phonecall or email should anyone at home have a concern or a question. The more we work together, the better we can support our students to achieve their goals and open doors to new opportunities.